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About Transmech


Transmech Australia is a South Australian, Adelaide born business with 30 years’ experience in design and manufacture of Car Carriers.

Started from humble beginnings as a trailer repairer in 1984 by Theo and Annelene, Transmech’s expertise has broadened to include servicing, design, manufacture and repairs of car carriers, plus the design and build of specialised transportation equipment including supporting the drilling industry by way of compliance checks internationally prior to shipping to destination… Thinking outside the box is what we do!


Adding to the company's portfolio is our Service Bay, completing routine maintenance checks and repairs on our client’s assets, on and off site. Our customers are extremely important, and listening to their needs is vital.


Safety is a priority at Transmech, and keeping up to date with OH&S requirements is essential. This led Transmech to develop its very own unique car carrier design incorporating new technology for facilitating easier & safer loading with less damage. Key designs which accommodates both cars and trucks in various configurations which include converter dollies & overhead loading frames (cab frame). 


At Transmech, we believe our industry success is our ability to deliver the exact requirements to our clients, with the capacity to build custom trailers specific to our client’s individual needs, along with a key focus for continued growth to improve every aspect of the business to achieve industry leading products. 

To find out more about Transmech Australia’s products and services, contact (08) 8449 0000.

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