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Transmech Launch colour coding system


Transmech are proud to roll out their first colour coding system. This system has been installed on the current Transmech trailers used in the Ceva Logistics fleet.


The first system is being used on Ceva Logistics Road Train in Western Australia, with the second system used on Ceva's ZX7. A&J Haulage, a sub contractor to Ceva Logistics, recently purchased two 4N7 B Double units, both came complete with the colour coding system.


The system simply assists the driver/operator in selecting the correct levers for the deck that is being operated. Each deck has a colour allocated to it. The safety switches are also colour coded in line with the deck colour. This in turn helps to eliminate vehicle damage and is also an important safety feature (these decks will not move unless the safety switch is depressed and held down whilst the appropriate levers are being used).


All of our trailers come complete with S.O.P (safe operating procedure) explaining the colour coding system and use of trailer. This colour coding system has been dated and registered as Copyright 2011.

Transmech on the road

Brian Ferry March 2012


Door 2 Door Car Carrying featured on Compare Quotes YouTube Channel. Based in Brisbane,

Door 2 Door Car Carrying offer a nation wide delivery service for ANYTHING that has wheels.


Transmech Australia have been working with Door 2 Door Car Carrying for over 5 year and have custom built their rigs and trailers to suit their business needs.


We are thrilled to see that they are making a name for themselves in the industry!


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